Welcome!  EM Studios is a portal for joy, freedom, wellness and community.  We are a lil bit  Oprah, a lil Buddha and a bit of Patra.  [alt text Soul, Soca, and Self-Help). We are a digital media and education company creating content and products  for Black women and the people who love us!


This society doesn't recognize our innate brilliance. 

The Middle Class Mindset has taught us that money is the only measure of success. 

Too much hustle, too much grind, not enough joy, not enough freedom. 

We are taught that we are  broken and in constant need of fixing

Everything in our lives is dull and bland, no color, no brightness, no creativity. 


You’re living like a whisper, when you really are a roar!


We keep trying to normal and just end up being hella frustrated. 


We’re isolated and trying to figure life out, mostly alone, or with people who don’t understand where we’re trying to go. 


We grind ourselves to burnout with nothing to show for it expect a bunch of things that dont “spark joy” 


Never get to experience what life could be like because we’re too busy doing what we should.


We provide products and services to help you get clear on the life you want,  take the steps you need to get past whatever stands in your way, and a community of people cheering you on when you do it. 

  • Practical products to remind you of your greatness (Home goods, wearable art) 
  • A community of people who are here to support on your journey
  • Coaching & courses to help you navigate your way forward 


Everything we do celebrates the greatness in you now, reminding you that you already have everything you need to thrive, sometimes you just need a reminder. 


Everything in your life should be a reflection of the person you want to be, Empress Movements is here to remind you of that. 


We help bring out the vibrancy wherever you are.